Delete Unwanted Service From System


Are you having trouble to delete your anwanted service from yor system,

Don’t worry, Here is solution for you,

Just Follow Few steps and delete your unwanted service.

  1. Open Services.
  2. to open service, go to Control Panel, select Administrative Tools, then Select Services. Or Press Win+R Key, It will open Run, Enter Services.msc, Click on OK.
  3. Right Click on unwanted Service.
  4. Select Properties.
  5. Change Startup Type to Disable.
  6. Copy Service Name to clipboard.
  7. Select Apply and OK
  8. Now Open your command prompt in Admin mode.
  9. If it shows path as “c:\windows\system32>”, type cd.. and enter, It will display ” “c:\windows>”, again cd.. ,Now “c:\> “will show.
  10. type “sc delete <paste service name- use Ctrl+v.>”
  11. Select Enter.
  12. Refresh your services.
  13. All is Done….(Y)
  14. you will find that the service was removed from list.


Yesss… Your problem is solved.

Just follow above steps. Alll d best.

November 24, 2016

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